"Professional Fly Fishing Lessons"
Private & group instruction!

Fly Fishing Tackle & Equipment

Are you thinking of taking up fly fishing?
You may have this sudden urge to want to call into your local FLY shop and buy fly fishing equipment before you've even had a casting lesson.

Don't BUY anything until you've had your lesson

I will provide you with everything you'll need totally free of charge for the duration of your basic instruction. This includes top quality rods, reels, fly lines, and practice flies ,all you need provide is appropriate and comfortable clothing to suit the location and weather.

Why you ask? - Because you will have little or no knowledge of:

  • ...fly rod actions
  • ...type of fly lines suitable
  • ...type of fly reel best suited to your fly line and rod and type of fishing
  • ...types of flies and other essential requirements

Buying the wrong equipment can be costly.

Like all sports, whether it's fishing,skiing, golf, tennis, or shooting, qualified advice is essential to establish what type of equipment best suits you. I'll explain everything you will need to know about fly rods, reels, lines, flies and a lot, lot more. I know how it is when you get the bug to just go out and buy equipment, but you would be well served to get the basics under your belt first.

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